Personal Errands

What If You Could Outsource Your Daily “To Do” List to A Trusted, Reliable and Professional Personal Assistant?…

Your typical day starts early and it is packed with commitments to work, family or friends which can make it difficult to accomplish your daily tasks. Leonary can change that by providing quality services and managing your To-Do list allowing you to the most of your day.

How can a Personal Errands services by Leonary really help? We serve as your virtual personal assistant, and much better as a fully-fledged company. There is no long-term commitment required and you can set the schedule. You simply send us the list and we get it done. Some of the Personal Errands we attend to at Leonary Include:-

A Leonary errand runner will purchase your listed items for, and deliver  the grocery at the agreed destination.

Need to drop or pick a letter or cheque from either the postal box or no time to queue at the banking hall, send us we will have you sorted promptly.

Leonary errand runners are available to serve you on those long queues to pick up visas, purchase events or travel tickets on your behalf, and have them processed fast.

In sync with your Laundry Services Providers, we arrange a appropriate schedule with your cleaner to drop off and pick up

For special events, Leonary can dedicate an errand runner for your special event freeing up your time for important aspects of the occasion.

Getting that crucial document or filling up the statutory documents such getting a Birth Certificate, filling up KRA returns, paying up and searching of land rates and many more.

Whether it’s picking up groceries, taking out the trash, doing research for a purchase, purchasing and wrapping gift, or meeting a repairman at your home, we are available to meet your individual needs and look forward to providing the services you need.

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